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Sites with saline (salty) soils, and those that are exposed to coastal salt spray or de-icing materials challenge tree health, and ultimately those responsible for the tree.  Presents guidelines for planting in salt-compromised sites, and lists saline-resistant species for the mid-Atlantic.

Ironic in that the founder of the Arbor Day Foundation, Sterling Morton, was a scion of the Morton Salt Company.

Bonnie Appleton, Extension Specialist; Vickie Greene, Graduate Student; Aileen Smith, Graduate Student; Susan French, Virginia Cooperative Extension, Virginia Beach; Brian Kane, Virginia Tech Department of Forestry; Laurie Fox, Horticulture, Hampton Roads; Adam Downing, Madison; Traci Gilland, Portsmouth; Reviewed by David Close, Consumer Horticulture and Master Gardener Specialist, Horticulture, Virginia Tech

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 2015

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